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About US

Subramanya Yoga Centre is a community-oriented Centre committed to the process of helping individuals awaken to their full physical and mental potential. The traditional roots of yoga are preserved while embracing modern more accessible approaches. We off a range of styles and levels of classes that allow anyone brand spanking new to yoga or experienced practitioner to find something for them.

  The culture at Subramanya Yoga Centre encourages students to always go at their own pace as they find their own path to more peaceful life. It is a place where like-minded humans can come and share their practice in a beautiful supportive and safe environment.

Meet your instructor Dan de Luis

        Dan grew up in south eastern Canada where at an early age he was into fitness, movement, sports and martial arts. At 30 he began experiencing health issues and began practicing yoga videos at home to combat chronic back pain and the stress accompanied with it. Noticing the immediate healing benefits yoga was giving him, he decided to immerse himself into yoga and moved to a Sivananda Ashram. Under the guidance of his Indian Guru, Dan studied the classical teachings of Hatha yoga.

        Since 2006, Dan has been teaching yoga full time with over 20,000 hours of teaching experience. He has taught all over Canada, Europe, the USA and Latin America. A lover of knowledge and the reality that exists when we consciously challenge our bodies and minds to help create the space in our lives where we have control over our physical and mental wellbeing while deepening our human potential Dan is passionate about spreading his love and knowledge of yoga in helping others in their journey by sharing his own.

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