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Subramanya team

At Subramanya Yoga Centre, our Team is our Family. We promote an inclusive, judgement-free, welcoming space for all. We practice what we preach, and find joy in our work and connecting with others through our yoga practice.


Subramanya Centre takes pride in the teachings of classical hatha yoga. That is why all our teachers are trained from the Sivananda lineage from the Himalaya’s; the birthplace of yoga. They have either been trained at one of the Sivananda Ashrams or by Dan himself.

Dan de Luis

Owner, Yoga Teacher, Wim Hof Instructor
Dan de Luis is a yogi, health consultant, performance coach, bio hacker, Wim Hof Instructor, speaker and father. He has been teaching yoga full time for 17 years. He teaches the fundamentals of classical yoga, breath work and meditation/mindfulness. Dan’s mission is to serve those who, like himself, desire to live life to the fullest, experience deep meaning, purpose, happiness, fulfillment, and connection, explore and enjoy all of what this beautiful planet has to offer, and discover how to achieve full optimization of mind, body, and spirit with boundless energy.

Allison Smith

Yoga Teacher
As a student of yoga for over 25 years, I am grateful for the opportunity to also be a yoga teacher. Along with training in Reiki level 2, meditation and Kriya yoga, I completed my 200 hr. teacher training registered with Yoga Alliance at Subramanya Yoga Centre in 2019. At the core of my own practice, as well as my classes is the intention to travel from the outer being to the inner being. I love guiding students through creative sequencing and mindful cues to reach beyond any perceived limitations. I give many thanks to my teachers over the years including Gita Masiques and Dan de Luis.

Ross Thomson

Yoga Teacher
We’ve all noticed that as you age, you start to lose flexibility, strength and slowly have to give up a lot of the things you love to do. If you don’t fall into this category, my hat is off to you. So when I talk about my journey in yoga, there is nothing special about my situation. On February 15 2013, I staggered across the finish line into the arms of retirement . Deep down I knew that I had let a few important issues in life slide. A serious back injury in the mid 80’s and so many recurrences that I lost count, left me with back pain 24/7 . Spiritually too, I knew something was missing . I think the Yoga seed was planted in my head after a physiotherapist friend urged me to investigate yoga in order to help with my back problem. I still remember my reply to her suggestion; “I don’t think I would look good in spandex”. What followed was a year in the Back Care Program at the Subramanya Yoga studio. No back pain after all those years ! I was a believer! On Feb 24th 2019 I completed my Yoga Teachers Training Program at Subramanya Yoga Centre. Teaching was definitely not in my wheelhouse but I could feel the deeper meaning of yoga stirring in me . The completion of a Chair Yoga Teacher training course at the Sivananda Ashram has added another element to teaching which I really enjoy . This philosophy for a happy lifestyle just has to be shared.

Tania de Luis

Yoga Teacher
I began my yoga journey 16 years ago. It started out as simply a physical practice. It slowly transformed from focusing on the physical thru asanas to a deeper level mentally and emotionally thru pranayama and meditation. These elements brought out my compassion, love and connectedness to something much larger. When I step onto my mat, it is a space free from anxieties or fears. I lived in an Indian ashram with my swamis who taught me so much about myself and the yogic traditions of self-discipline and became a traditional yoga teacher. Yoga is a way of life in which I will always be a student, forever learning on my journey. I am so honored to be able to share my teachings and to be a small part of each one of your journeys. I continue to breathe in all that the universe has to offer.

Trish Fuller

Yoga Teacher
My first Yoga class was simply an attempt to bring more stretching into an exercise regime. As I became more familiar with the practice, I also became more aware of its positive effects. After class, I would leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, grounded & happier. It was that ‘after class feeling’ that made me fall in love with Yoga. In 2019 I completed the Yoga Teachers Training Program at Subramanya Yoga Center and was honored to begin my teaching journey here at the studio. I am very thankful to be working with such a wonderful team of teachers and other Yogis who continue to inspire me each & every day. With today’s busy lifestyle, where being busy is the standard and not the exception, it can be very challenging to take the time you need to stay connected within yourself. My goal through Yoga is to inspire others to practice, self-reflect, breath & grow through meditation. I enjoy creating a class environment that induces relaxation and helps people escape from life’s daily stressors – even if it is for only an hour. At the core of my own practice, as well as my classes is the intention to travel from the outer being to the inner being. I love guiding students through creative sequencing and mindful cues to reach beyond any perceived limitations.
“Yoga is not a work-out; it is a work-in. And this is the point of spiritual practice, to make us teachable, to open up our hearts, and focus our awareness so that we can know what we already know and be who we already are.”

— Rolf Gates

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