Healthy Minds


Navigating the human and business impact of Covid-19 has been incredibly challenging. 

As the Coronavirus pandemic perseveres, its negative effects continue to produce feelings of fear, grief, anxiety and isolation. The direct impact on mental health can be seen in an unprecedented increase in substance abuse and other stress related illnesses affecting people and businesses worldwide. With a sudden shift in our work environment, it is critical to develop and maintain a healthy workforce whether in the office or working remotely. The rising levels of employee stress and anxiety leads employers to focus on mental health programs. The goal now, through organizational response, is to preserve and empower your employees to regain personal and corporate balance.

Prioritizing employee well-being by providing cost effective tools that will help build resiliency, keep employees happy, healthy, and strong will maximize productivity.  With over 25,000 hours of teaching experience in the past 18 years, offering workshops globally as a Wellness and Stress Reduction Consultant, Wim Hof Certified Instructor. Motivational Speaker, Yoga Instructor, Meditation and Breath-Work Coach, Daniel de Luis can help protect your organization’s most valuable assets, the employees.  With his specialized approach and personalized program menu, Dan can customize a win-win package of solutions that will meet the needs of your organization. 

What’s included in your training.

1/ Intro: Understanding what stress is and how to manage it.

2/ Mindset Training

3/ Mindfulness and Meditation theory and practice

4/ Learn and understand the true power of your breath

5/ Full Breath Work and Mindfulness Practice

6/ Optional Yoga Practice (add on)

Pricing for Corporate Wellness Coaching

· Group, In person 4 hour workshop $1999, 20 people

· Group, In person 2 hour workshop $999, 20 people

· Group, Virtual 4 hour workshop $1599

· Group, Virtual 2 hour workshop $699

· Group Virtual 1 hour breath work/mindfulness session $199

· Group Virtual 1 Hour Breath work/mindfulness 5 PKG $899

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