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Healthier lungs, healthier humans

The last few years, Breath Work has been one of the leading trends in health and wellness globally. As a Breath Work coach for the last 17 years, I am very excited about the future of Breath Work. There can be now no speculation of what the breath can do for our mental and physical well-being. Humans that breathe better, move and feel better. Almost all physical, emotional and psychological issues can be linked to dysfunctional breathing habits and patterns. The quality of your breath and its capacity is one of the strongest indicators of your life expectancy and longevity. Breath Work techniques and methods, breath training devices have become very popular. Elite athletes, Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry, even the defense department are advocating and speaking out about the importance of breath work. The last two years of Covid have been wreaking havoc on the lungs of people all over planet earth. This epidemic is created another epidemic the “I can’t breathe” epidemic.

We are seeing more and more articles and reports being published on the benefits of Breath Work for PTSD, abuse and trauma recovery, high blood pressure, stress relief, ADHD, chronic fatigue and a slew of other health issues.These reports are fueling a Breath Work movement that is finally becoming mainstream. Medical experts and scientists are realizing that we need to step up and be proactive when it comes to our overall wellness, and breath work has so many applications to many of the common ailments afflicting people today.

Just in the last few years we are seeing fitness trainers, psychotherapist, spiritual counselors, yoga teachers, meditation instructors, and mindset coaches preaching the benefits of breath work practices.

So, where do I start. Let’s start on how you are breathing. Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth? Consciously make sure that you were nose breathing throughout your day. This can be trickier at night when we are sleeping. Simple practice is to put a little square of surgical tape on the lips to seal the mouth shut. This is become the rage because it helps so much with our sleeping practices. When we elevate our sleep hygiene or quality of sleep, we elevate our overall health and wellness. Next in improving your breath, we begin to create breath awareness. Are you breathing deeply or shallower. In this short video that I have made, it will help you retrain the deep breathing muscles that we are intended to breathe with. Click HERE to start breathing better with these simple exercises in this short video.

Deep breath in, let’s begin!

Much love,
Dan de Luis

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