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Holiday Stress, How to handle it with ease

Holiday Stress, and how to prepare for it

It’s go time! Holidays are here, and while most of you are finalizing your travel plans and doing Christmas shopping, I have prepared a small toolbox with tools that will help you regulate my nervous system and stay grounded to combat holiday stress. The holidays should, and can, be a very merry time for most, but with travel, group gatherings in a post pandemic world, and a disruption to routine, the holiday stress is all too real.

Here are a few videos, covering 4 ways that I have prepared for you to handle the holiday stress like a pro.

1/ Breath Work

This breathing technique will get you high, but on your own supply just as the video says. I do an intro for the first 4 minutes, so you can skip to the 4:30 minute mark to just start the breathing exercise. It has nice music. You will be familiar with the technique as it is what we do at the beginning of each class, but only one round. Click HERE for the video link. Also you can check out all the other breathing exercise videos I have on YouTube HERE.

2/ Movement

Remember that movement is medicine. Not only for the body but for the mind. A body that moves better, feels better and this impacts how we handle stress. Stress in the body is felt in the mind. Here are a couple of short videos that will help you move and feel better over the holidays.

1/ 6-minute Morning Exercise Routine

2/ 17-minute Mobility Routine

3/ 26-minute Mobility Routine

4/ 50-minute Back Care Routine

5/ 70-minute Full Hatha Routine

3/ Meditation

Ok, I know. Meditation sucks! It is hard to sit quietly when the mind is racing and let go of those thoughts. This technique is a hack for your brain and your heart. It is called coherence breathing. I have been meditating for 18 years, and when I found this technique, it quickly replaced my traditional meditation practice. Studies have come out showing that this technique in a brief time brings all systems into balance and harmony. Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed. Click HERE

4/ Sleep

Some of you may know that I do sleep coaching. I am serious about my sleep. This is because sleep is mother nature’s secret gift to your physical and mental wellbeing. When we are not sleeping well or enough, it can have a significant effect on us. Our energy levels are tapped out, cognitive function decreases. It just compounds our stress levels even more. I designed this video to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It is best used with headphones as there are binaural beats (brainwave technology). Click HERE to start sleeping better

Planning to start the new year with some wellness and yoga? Click HERE to book your next class or just take a sneak peak at the schedule.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday now with some simple and effective tools for handling that holiday stress.

Much love to you all


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